Our Services

Valley Computers offers the full spectrum of hosting solutions for your business. Whatever your size or structure we’ll work with you to find the right set-up. Give us a call or come and see us to discuss how we can best support and protect your business.


Offsite Backups: the ultimate failsafe in terms of data protection, Valley Computers offers secure offsite backup solutions. We always recommend both onsite and offsite backups to prevent company data loss resulting from potential onsite mishaps.


Exchange Mailbox Hosting: we offer Microsoft Exchange mailbox hosting for businesses of all sizes – both onsite and offsite. We provide robust and cost effective solutions to suit your needs.


Server Hosting: Valley Computers provides onsite and offsite server hosting, giving you the ability to manage your company emails, website and data in one place, safely and securely.


Disaster Recovery: Disasters are a reality that every business needs to face – and plan for. Forces of nature, fires, theft and even careless employee actions can cause data loss and downtime that impairs day-to-day business activity. Disaster recovery starts with sound planning and design.


Business Continuity: If technical issues arise during the course of a business day, it’s important for a business’s reputation to continue to provide customers with the high standards of service they expect. A business continuity plan maps out how to return to business as usual in the minimum time with the least amount of disruption.


Domain Registration & Management: Valley Computers provides domain registration and management of all domain types, including .gg.


DNS Services: Our DNS management service covers everything from ensuring your email functions as it should to ensuring your website address resolves correctly.


SMTP Mail: Valley Computers provides an SMTP mail service – this is the service that ensures you can send mail correctly from your own email address.


Virtual Servers & Desktops: A virtual server or desktop is a server based offsite at another location that is shared by multiple users. It’s administered and used in much the same way that an onsite server would be, only that the hardware is shared. It is a cost effective way of obtaining the benefits of your own server or tailored desktop, but only using the storage that you need.